Property Purchase Costs

It’s important to note that stamp duty is one of the biggest upfront costs when buying a commercial property so it’s imperative that you estimate the stamp duty amount and factor this into your overall costs before you secure your commercial property purchase. Our stamp duty calculator will help you estimate the costs of your stamp duty and government fees in the state in which you are buying.

  • Start by selecting the state in which you are purchasing
  • Calculating the cost is very simple, just insert the purchase price in the calculator and it will tell you the total of costs for property purchase
  • Lenders fees and mortgage insurance also vary considerably from lender to lender; it is advised that you should contact us or contact your lender to have a full overview
  • Other costs may be specific to your circumstances
  • Speak directly with one of Australia’s top commercial loan brokers by clicking on “Get a Quote” below


The result of this calculation is only an estimate. For more detailed information and guidance on commercial loans, we urge you to contact one of our executives.
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