Commercial Loan Calculator

Commercial loans offer you a tool of commercial loans calculator that helps the borrower to make estimated and smarter decision about their commercial loan needs. Calculate the monthly payments for mortgage loans, low doc commercial loans, property purchase loans or business loans equity. It calculates most of the loan scenarios; it includes all interests and principle payment option. The purchase cost calculator calculates the total cost of a purchase. Use of this calculator is to obtain an estimate of the monthly commercial loans payment, according to the quantity you want to order. Enter the amount, the interest rate and repayment term. Press the 'calculate' button and you will get the monthly payment and total interest payable on the loan.
  • It calculates the total costs and commercial loan repayments.
  • Calculates business loan repayment and commercial property loans, fees, total costs, with weekly, fortnightly, monthly and interest mortgage repayment.
  • The default calculation is monthly repayments over 15 years and “interest only”. You can adjust the calculation values that suit you.
The result of this calculation is only an estimate. For more detailed information and guidance on commercial loans, we urge you to contact one of our executives.
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Property Purchase Costs

Whenever you buy property, there are many upfront fees beyond your mortgage costs that you should take in account. Make sure to include these fees when you are working out on your overall finances i.e. how much you can afford easily to borrow. There are numerous types of mortgages available in the market and you should make sure about the interest rates, fees and the charges into the account when you are selecting your mortgage. Through our commercial property calculator application, you can calculate the property purchase costs:
  • Calculate the lender, government as well as other purchase costs.
  • Calculating the cost is very simple, just insert each cost in the calculator and it will tell you the total of costs for property purchase.
  • As you know that government costs vary from state to state. So if you want to know the government duties and fees then contact local government of your area or Contact us
  • Lenders fees and mortgage insurance also vary considerably from lender to lender; it is advised that you should contact us or contact your lender to have a full overview.
  • Other costs may be specific to your circumstances.